Our Ministries

Hospitality Ministry

Biblical Reference: 1 Peter 4:8-11

Purpose: To promote a spirit of warmth and love to everyone that enters the campus of Greater Jordan Chapel Church. Our purpose is to also welcome visiotrs and to inform our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ about all upcoming events in oor ouotside of the Church. 

Responsibilities: 1. To cheerfully welcome everyone to our church, especially our visitors. 2. To make sure all visitors are comfortable and satisfied at all times. 3. Receive mailing information from visitors in order to contract them in the future. 4. Read all announcements during any worship service and properly welcome visitors. 5. Greet guest preachers in the parking area and escort them to the pastor's office. 


Visitation Ministry 

Biblical Reference: Matthew 25:34-40

Purpose: To visit members that are hospitalized, sick at home, or incarcerated. Our purpose is to also commune all that desire communion as well as to be an encourager to members that are in bereavement. 

Responsibilities: 1. Once every month, visit and commune all of the hospitalized and sick at home members. 2. Bre available during times of bereavement. 3. Give donations of love periodically to sick, bereaved, and incarcerated. 


Married Couples Ministry

Biblical Reference: Genesis 2:24

Purpose: To promote a spirit of love and fellowship among the married couples of our church and community, as well as to impress upon couples the importance of Christ being the head of their marriages. 

Responsibilites: 1. To plan and coordinate activities, outings, and retreats for couples once a month. 2. To be an example for singles in our church and community of what a trues Christian marriage is. 3. To fellowship and help one another whenever needed. 


Health Ministry

Biblical Reference: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Purpose: To provide education and information that seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases and injuries. 

Responsibilities: 1. To provide monthly awareness workshops. 2. To provide current information on various health issues. 3. To invite professional health workers to do high blood pressure screenings, blood drives, and other important health related checks.


Evangelism Ministry

Biblical Reference: 1 Corinthians 3:5-9

Purpose: Our purpose is to plant a seed in the life of every believer or non-believer that Jesus Christ is Lord. It is also our purpose to promote an atmosphere for worship anytime service is scheduled. 

Responsibilities: 1. Coordinate door to door evangelism walks in our community as well as surrounding communities. 2. Begin praise and worship on Sunday mornings at 10:45am. 3. Be willing to pray during worship if needed. 4. Always be willing to allow Christ to use you. 


Pastor's Aid Society (by Roberta Hill)

Mission: The Pastor's aid society will serve the position of Pastor not a particular person as pastor. The intent is to offer any kind of support above and beyond what the local church provides. 

Objective: To provide assistance to the Pastor. 

Strategies: Fund raiser to assist Pastor. Accompany the Pastor at outside speaking engagements. 


  • Recognize Pator's birthday, anniversary and years of service to the ministry. 
  • Furnish Pastor with vacation funds. 
  • Assist Pastor with time, money, or talents. 
  • Offer extra finances at conferece times. 
  • Feel free to eastablish a policy by which you will disburse funds i.e. How much advance notice should you have? How many people will be needed to make disbursements

The Pastor's Aid Society, in many churches, operates as an individual group, making no reports of income or disbursements. However there should be a system of check and balnces within the group. 

Scriptural Reference: 1 Timothy 5:17


Media Ministry

Biblical Reference: 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Purpose: To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and of Greater Jordan Chapel Church through television, newspaper, radio, internet, and any other airway possible to promote the total ministry of our church. 

Responsibilities: 1. make sure that all announcements concerning Chruch events are sent ahead of time to appropriate airways. 2. Change the mesaage on the Church marquess so that drivers are aware of Church events. 3. Keep up with church calendar and activities at all times. 


Education Ministry

Biblical Reference: Proverbs 22:6

Purpose: To reward and keep track of all our elementary, middle, high school, and college students, and offering assistance wherever it may be needed. 

Responsibilites: 1. Meet with youth once a month. 2. Reward students for efforts on report card every 18 weeks. (Honor Roll) 3. Allow youth to voice their opinion or concerns about church and school. 


Men's Ministry

Biblical Reference: Psalms 133:1

Purpose: To promote a sense of brotherhood among all young and elderly men of the church. To also nurtue our younger men on how to be true men of God, and a model citizen in our society. 

Responsibilities: 1. Encourage all men to become involved in helping each other find christ in their lives. 2. Plan outings together that involve everyone. (Ex. Bowling, Golf, Dining, Get togethers.) 3. Be role models in our church. 4. Attend area and conference Sons of Allen meetings. 5. have a fundraiser to have funds when needed. (Ex.  Car wash, Yard Sale, etc.)


Women's Ministry (Daughters Integrity Vision Attitude)

Biblical Reference: Genesis 2:23

Purpose: To promote a spirit of sisterhood among the sisters of the church (younger or elderly). Our purpose is to be an example of what it is to be a true woman of God. In other words, we are to be DIVAs.

Responsibilities: 1. To make sure all women of the church have an opportunity to be a part of the ministry. 2. To plan and coordinate activities for all siters at least once a month. (Lunch, movies, shopping, book club, etc.) 3. To cultivate and motivate sisters under 18 to be true DIVAs. 4. Plan Women's Conference activities yearly. (August) 5. Be an example for women in our community and country, as well as recruit other sisters to be a part of the ministry. 


Praise Team Ministry

Biblical Reference: Psalm 34:1

Purpose: To invite God into the worship experience through prayer and a variety/medley of songs at the beginning of every worship experience. 

Responsibilities: 1. Rehearse with one another at least 3 times a month. 2. Begin each worship experience on time with songs and prayer. 3. Travel with the Pstor to outside engagements when requested. 4. Always rember that the purpose of this ministry is to invite God into your environment. 5. Must be a team and not a show. 


Other ministries not listed: Stewards, Trustees, Fianance, Stewardess, Young People, Women's Missionary, Christian Education, Children's Church, Women's Usher Board, Men's usher Board, Youth Usher Board, Senior Spiritual Chois, Anointed Voices of Praise, Gospel Choir, male Choir, and Sisters of Strength.


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